Dh 100 assignment for 11/16/21
Dh 100 assignment for 11/16/21

Dh 100 assignment for 11/16/21

  1. http://bexgzz.com/ (History of Policing)
  2. This paper’s argument is that we should not defund the police since the police has come so far and have put so many reforms in place. The author of this paper views the idea of defunding the police as “ignorant”. He then talks about how in his paper he is going to show how far police have come and why we shouldn’t defund the police. He then shows this in his paper by mentioning the origins of policing, technology of policing, different eras of policing and mentioned crime rate over the past 100 years. I wanted to choose to look at this paper because my paper is very similar since I am looking at crime and immigration and he looked at the history of policing.
  3. They are using multiple artifacts to support their arguments. The first artifact is of a police officer next to an old car. This is showing how much technology has advanced for policing, since the police car in the picture would be really out of date compared to today’s police cars. The second artifact shows four white police officers and one black police officer. This shows how much policing has evolved since police officers back then used to only be white males. This picture shows how policing started to become a racially equal job. The third artifact shows a police officer on a horse. This shows how much we have modernized technology as in the use of cars since back then police officers rode horses and now they raise high tech cop cars.
  4. They are using data visualization in many different ways. One way they are using data visualization is through word frequency. They are using different words to describe policing and words of different subsections of policing, like unions etc. They used an XML file to show us a part of a book that talked about the history of urban policing. They used a video to show us the origins of policing in america, and they time stamped diffraction sections, such as how slavery had an effect on policing, black codes, start of polkicing in the united states, police departments in the north and new laws made. He also implemented a timeline of U.S. historical police departments, which uses a timeline and a map to pinpoint different historic police departments around the world. He also used a bar graph to show the 10 most populated police departments in CT compared to total personnel and population of jurisdiction. I found it surprising that Hartford had the highest total personnel and Meridian had the highest amount of population of jurisdiction. Overall, he used very good visuals to capture what he was trying to prove in his paper.

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